Fees and How to Book a Place

Weekly Courses 2018-2019

Weekly tuition is available throughout the year  at your home or at Wallington at our centre

11+ Intensive Summer Courses 2019

Courses (for Year 5 going into Year 6)

Courses last for 5 days over one week. 2.5 hours tuition per day, 12.5 hours tuition, either from 9.30 am to 12.00 pm or 1.30 pm to 4.00 pm.

How to Book

In order to reserve a space please kindly submit a form online and also make a deposit, preferably by BACS, to the following account, once the office has confirmed that a space is available by email or by phone.

Deposit £50 per course booked.

 Payment to: 11 Plus
 Sort Code: 090127
 Account Number:  87454718

 Please may I ask you to reference the payment with your child's name.

 If a place is booked at the last moment and confirmed by the office  e.g. the day before, then payment in full is acceptable on the day in  cash.*

 Please note that we cannot unfortunately accept cheques as a form of  payment.

 *If paying by cash, please can you place the amount you have paid in a  sealed envelope with your child's name written on the front.

Fees for weekly courses 1:1

£30 per hour taught


Intensive Holiday 2019

11 Plus Courses

 One course: £295 

Two courses: £540

Material in the morning will be different from the afternoon, hence it is possible to book two courses in one week at popular venue such as the Holiday Inn in Sutton or the Rose and Crown Hotel in Tonbridge.

Further courses can be booked at Sutton, making it possible to study up to four courses over the Summer period. 

160 Demesne Road, Wallington, Surrey SM6 8EN| 07963702969